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Nowadays, pet parents who want to provide for their loved ones face a lot of stress over food. Food therapy works very well for treating chronic gastrointestinal, allergic skin, obesity, and pain conditions.

Pet Food Therapy

Food therapy can be as simple as switching your commercial diet’s main protein, top-dressing meals, or completely home-cooked meals. Recipes and food ideas can be given based on the client’s comfort level.
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Pet Food Therapy

Diet is used in food therapy to treat and prevent bodily imbalances. A skilled practitioner can formulate a balanced diet that is customized to meet the needs of each patient. The foods will be selected based on their energetic and thermodynamic characteristics. This is regarded as a long-term treatment option for animals and is beneficial for a variety of ailments, particularly digestive issues and allergies.

We are honored to welcome Dr. Angie, a veterinarian from Minnesota who practices a holistic approach to pet care and treats her patients with both conventional medication and techniques like acupuncture and nutrition, at Cityscape Vets on Excelsior. She emphasizes maintaining open lines of communication with people around her and thinks that expertise and good client service are essential to providing outstanding veterinary care. She places a high value on creature comfort and works hard to provide pets with the finest possible care in a kind, caring manner.



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