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Pet Wellness Plans

Puppies and kittens, adult cats and dogs, and senior pets are among the numerous life stages for which our wellness plans are intended.

Pet Wellness Plans in Minneapolis, MN

We at Cityscape Vets on Excelsior are excited to work with you to give your pet the finest care possible during every stage of life. We can make that care more easy and more economical for you with the aid of wellness plans.
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Pet Wellness Plans

We have designed our own wellness programs, which come with office visits, immunizations, dental care, and significant savings on additional veterinary services.


In order to prepare puppies and kittens for a healthy life, special care must be given to them during their first year. Their plans, which take into account their particular requirements, include the following:

  • Physical exams to ensure they’re growing properly
  • Initial vaccination series, including optional non-core vaccines
  • Parasite screening to detect intestinal parasites
  • Deworming, if intestinal parasites are found
  • Microchipping for permanent identification
  • Spay & neuter procedures as needed
  • And more!

Adult pets are typically in the best health, but we need to see them frequently to maintain that! On the other hand, senior cats and dogs often require more care to ensure their health and quality of life. Adult and senior pet plans include:

  • Annual exams
  • Core vaccination boosters, including the option of non-core vaccines
  • 4Dx testing (combo test for heartworm and tick-borne illnesses)
  • Age-appropriate blood work
  • Fecal exam
  • Nail trims
  • And more!

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