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We want your pet to be healthy from the inside out at Cityscape Vets on Excelsior. Digital Radiology can alert your veterinarian to problems that we cannot see from the outside.

Pet Digital Radiology in Minneapolis, MN

We can now modify the digital images that we obtain from a pet’s system to see what’s wrong thanks to advancements in digital X-ray technology.
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Pet Digital Radiology

For many decades, radiographs have been utilized as an excellent non-invasive method for veterinarians to examine the animal’s body. A radiograph machine works by directing high-energy radiography beams at a specific part of your pet’s body. Denser elements in your pet’s body, such as bones and teeth, will absorb radiographic beams, which will be captured on the computer screen.
We may recommend that your pet obtain digital radiographs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To assess your pet’s health
  • To check for bone fractures, joint dislocations, and other injuries related to blunt or high-force trauma (e.g. car accident)
  • To visualize and/or confirm the presence of an ingested foreign object
  • To rule in or out the presence of certain health conditions including bone tumors


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